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How do I book a ride with SeaGo?

Booking a ride with SeaGo is easy. Simply download our app, select your starting point and destination, choose your boat category, and book your ride. You can also track your boat in real-time using our app.

What types of boats does SeaGo offer?

We have categorized our boats into three categories: Standard, Premium, and Elite. Standard offers affordable and practical boats for basic transportation needs. Premium provides higher quality boats with additional features and more comfortable seating. Elite is our luxury category with top-of-the-line features, high-end finishes, and a closed cabin for the ultimate boating experience.

What are the safety measures in place for SeaGo?

Safety is our top priority at SeaGo. Our boat drivers are licensed and trained professionals who undergo routine inspections. We also monitor weather conditions closely and may suspend service if conditions are deemed unsafe.

What areas does SeaGo serve?

SeaGo operates in coastal areas and islands of Cyclades Greece, and we are continually expanding our coverage. Our goal is to connect the coastline and minimize distances.

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